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Welcome on LAFORGE website, the tractor / implement interaction expert.

We started over 30 years ago in Europe to bring award winning and patented solutions to farmers around the world. This web site is intended to provide dealers and farmers with the most accurate information in the most efficient way possible.

More work with less fuel is becoming ever more important. Front hitches allow farmers to attach implements to both the front and the rear. This means fewer passes, improved use of manpower, less fuel consumption, less soil compaction - all leading to improved tractor productivity.

front power take off dozer blade automatic control
Mc Cormick X50 top soilers

Since 1998, LAFORGE Top soiler (Front and rear versions) unique design deliver superior soils’ restructuration and tractor’s performances.
Furthermore LAFORGE dozer blade and silage blade range with unique patented design reliably ensure productivity.

LAFORGE is committed to helping today’s farmers maximize productivity and save money.

Active Implement Guidance Interface Solutions.
Position any Implement with Precision and Repeatability !

System EZ Ballast

Front & rear ploughing
on a John Deere track tractor
with Laforge front hitch & electronic control

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